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Pipeline Pigging and Inspection Surface Treatment and Inspection

Offshore oil and gas platforms are subjected to extremely hostile and corrosive marine environments and thereby require continuous preventive and corrective maintenance to ensure prolonged and safe operations. In lieu of this, the right choice of pretreatment method and coating is a prerequisite for the wellbeing of every oil and gas industry. We offer the following:

Corrosion prevention and management has become increasingly expedient in oil and gas industries and all manufacturing industries in general. Assets have to be protected in the best possible ways to ensure safe, reliable, long lasting and efficient operation of equipment or structures.
Vasco Da Gama Energy has unique technologies specially designed to surpass conventional methods of corrosion prevention and management. With an environmentally friendly product such as Sponge-Jet, industries can do away with downtimes, environmental pollution, sensitive equipment
breakdowns, reworks and rebounds arising from abrasives such as grit and sand. With DALIC selective plating technology industries can as well repair, refurbish, resurface, resize, rebuild and restore machinery parts and prevent galling.