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Specialist Manpower Supplies

Vasco Da Gama Energy provides either individual specialists or a complete team of Engineers, Supervisors and Technicians undertaking a wide variety of responsibilities on behalf of our clients in the oil and gas industry.

Our well trained and highly exposed staff complemented by some partners and alliance personnel retained over several years in various strategic locations around the world allow Vasco Da Gama Energy to build up quickly to handle projects of substantial size and complexity.

The key members of staff have relevant professional certificates, are degree qualified in their fields and have attained chartered status. Project teams are established mainly from a database of Vasco Da Gama Energy partners and alliances.

They are self-motivated and tested personnel. We constantly review our personnel resources and make strategic additions and changes based on experience, professionalism and skills. We can provide qualified/suitable personnel for various engineering projects, 

some of which are: