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Sponge Jet - Low Dust Abrasive Blasting Technology

Sponge Jet is an environmentally friendly, innovative and effective substrate blasting preparation for coating application. Sponge Jet is the world’s leader of clean, dry, low dust, and re-usable surface preparation media and equipment for painting coating applications. Ranging from delicate cleaning to selective coating removal and aggressive profiling, Sponge Jet offers a wide range of surface preparation solutions. It suppresses fugitive emissions and rebound that can lead to costly interruptions and dangerous workplace conditions.
Sponge Jet protects environment and offers solutions for industries and applications such as: Construction, Plant Maintenance, Bridge Maintenance, Tank-farm Maintenance, Fire Restoration, General Repairs, Ship & Maintenance, Marine & Offshore Coating Application, Historic Restoration, Fabrication, Power Generation, Water Treatment, Lead Abatement, Oil, Gas & Chemical Processing, etc. Sponge Jet saves time, labour and money by accelerating abrasive blasting and painting operations with automated blast recovery systems.