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David Jituboh

Executive Director, Special Projects

David A. Jituboh is the Executive Director, Special Projects of Vasco Da Gama Energy. With a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Queens College and a Dual Masters in Business Administration and a Masters of Science in Project Management from University of Maryland University College, David ‘ s professional journey has provided him with wide array of international experience international oil companies and governmental liaisons.

Helping to secure the $25M grant from Marathon Oil for the Bioko Island Malaria Control Project while working at Medical Care Development International he also assisted with securing the grant of a $20M USAID funded Improving Malaria Diagnostics Project, the $30M USAID funded grant for Accelerating the Reduction of Malaria Morbidity and Mortality Project (ARM3) in Benin, the $20M GAFTM funded grant for the Equatorial Guinea Malaria Control Initiative, the $6M Sanitation Support Fund Initiative funded by the Global Sanitation Fund (GSF) and the $50M Cooperative Agreement between PATH, MCDI and PSI funded by USAID.

He also led the technological initiative of carrying out the entomological surveys during the Bioko Island Malaria Control Project leading to results featured in Fortune and Time Magazine while co[1]authoring the scientific journal article titled “Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of Malaria Control in Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea ” , Am J Trop Med Hyg June 2007 vol. 76 no. 61027-1032. David has since garnered additional experience working as an executive with Solafide Energy and SSE Global Energy.

Additionally David Jituboh is on the board of trustees for Connect to Hope, a non-profit charity foundation and NGO with a primary mission of alleviating poverty and enabling self-sustenance by empowering society through the provision and support of education of children, vocational training and skills acquisition for programs targeted at the under skilled, unemployed and the disenfranchised youth, men and women