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Environmental Management

Our cased-hole wireline logging services we offer aim to reduce your downtime and maintenance costs while improving safety and efficiency. In order to reduce the risk of costly interventions and enhance performance evaluations our services are carefully crafted to provide you with peace of mind and allow you to focus on your onshore, offshore and deepwater applications.

Oil Spill Products and Services

Vasco Da Gama Energy and partners offer a full range of oil spill products and services matched to clients’ specific situation. Oil containment booms, oil skimmers, temporary storage tanks, towable oil barges, sorbent products and response vessels can be provided. Vasco Da Gama Energy has capacity for design and implementation of both in-situ and ex-situ treatment and containment facilities that are cost effective and environmentally friendly. We assist our clients to examine ways of waste minimization through process re-design. We also conduct initial screening and evaluation of remedial alternatives.

Bioremediation Technology
Our Company, through our partner, has developed a process whereby organic amendments acting as oil absorbent, bulking agents and sources of nutrients for bacterial are used to immobilize hydrocarbons, prevent leaching over time and detoxify a contaminated site to produce a compost – like product for agricultural and land restoration applications. It allows locally available amendment to be effectively used in the clean up and reclamation of spills, sumps and pipeline breaks.
Waste Containment

Vasco Da Gama Energy offers specialty trash compactors, powerful enough to handle tough jobs in remote locations. Various types are widely used on offshore platforms and in environmentally sensitive areas.

QA/QC Independent Inspection
Oil spill clean up management
Waste minimization
Wastewater treatment
Soil washing
Lined land filling