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Selective electrochemical metalizing, achieved without immersion of the part

The corrosion and wear of machinery parts are the most expensive problems in the factory.
Ball valves with corrosion damages on sealing-surfaces in the housing units, were repaired by DALIC process “on site” on gas platforms. Millions of premium pipes and couplings are used in the factory every year. Many of these connectors suffer galling due to a combination of extreme tensional and compressional forces. The galling of the threads of the connectors is at best a nuisance resulting in a leak, but at worst a disaster as the pipe and connector weld together causing expensive time wasting and the loss of pipe lengths and connectors.
In order to solve the problem, DALIC process is now used for copper plating of the connectors’ threads to prevent galling. This also improves the sealing qualities of the connector which must be gas tight. In addition it ensures easy separation of the connector when required. The in-situ and localized plating and rebuilding of affected areas make DALIC a standout technology.